Welcome Flare Community! This website is your portal to the applications I am activly developing to bring value to the Flare Community Coin (FCC) and the Flare Community Lucky Claw NFT Collection!

Flare Community Coin

Mint your FCC NFT and recevie 100 FCC for each FLR

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Lucky Claw NFTs are available on the Sparkles NFT Marketplace!


The Flare Community game is a test of luck and playable ONLY with Flare Community Coin (FCC)!

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Visit the Flare Community online store and spend your Flare Community Coin (FCC).

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Participate in Lucky Claw Governance / vote on proposals and get paid in FCC for the privilege.

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If you hold a Lucky Claw / Poker Club NFT you can claim your Flare Community Coin here!

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