FCC Remaining: 60,291,832 / 100,000,000 PHASE 2
Flare Community Coin
Bronze NFT

Mint your NFT and get 95 x the amount of FLR you pay, in FCC!*

*FLR Generated is held in the FCLC Treasury to boost rewards for holders of the LuckyClaw collection. Note: All FCC transactions incur a 1% fee to help stimulate the growth of the ecosystem long into the future.
Flare Community Coin (utility)

The Flare Community Coin (FCC) fuels an ever growing ecosystem allowing the holder to utilize applications built by "Flare Community", purchase NFTs, enter tournaments, gain Sponsorship / bring exposure to their project and much more!

  • Projects seeking sponsorship will have to pay in FCC.
  • NFT creators looking to give governance utility to their collection via the FC dApp will have to pay in FCC.
  • FCC can be spent on items in the FCC Store such as: NFTs, Poker Tournament Tickets, Physical Items and more!
  • FCC to be used in partnership dApps such as Metaverses *
  • FCC to be used in the Flare Community Game *
* In Development / Upcoming