Flare Community Game!

The Flare Community tile turning game is a test of luck and playable ONLY with Flare Community Coin (FCC)! If you fancy your changes, make a guess and if it's correct, you take the pot! Once the game finishes, anyone can start a new game with an initial cost of 50,000 FCC. When the game ends, the wallet which started the game received 25% of the pot!

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New Game - Starting Soon™


  • The game starts with 50,000 FCC in the contract.
  • The first guess cost 2,500 FCC.
  • Each subsquent guess increases by 1,000 FCC.
  • FCC paid for each guess goes straight to the Prize Pool.
  • Guess correct and win the Prize Pool.

  • Available tile
  • Processing tile
  • Incorrect tile
  • Correct tile

* 25% of the winning prize is returned to the wallet which started the game with the initial 50,000 FCC Funding.